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Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Xbox 360 Live Codes Generator. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Xbox 360 Live Codes Generator. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng

Destiny Trials of Osiris Gear

It has been just over two weeks since The Taken King expansion came to Destiny, and chances are most players have consumed the new Story Missions and Strikes, unlocked some of the game’s secrets, and completed the newest Raid. However, Destiny’s competitive elimination PvP event Trials of Osiris has not been part of that routine, with developer Bungie saying the event would be on hiatus for a while after The Taken King’s release.
Well, players won’t need to wait much longer as Bungie has announced that Trials of Osiris will return in two weeks, albeit with some changes. Brother Vance will welcome players back into the ultra-competitive Trials of Osiris on Friday, October 16, just a few days after the return of Destiny’s other timed PvP event, Iron Banner.
All the rules that have defined Trials of Osiris in the past remain, but it might be harder to make thatcoveted journey to the Lighthouse with the changes Bungie is introducing. For starters, the matchmaking system has been modified to pair up teams with the same number of wins. So, teams with one win will be matched with another one-win team and so on as they continue through the Trials playlist. And ideally, two eight-win teams will battle it out for that final victory, which should lead to an even more intense (and difficult) experience.
Another big change Bungie has made to Trials is that Brother Vance will no longer offer Trials of Osiris gear; armor and weapons will now only drop at the end of matches. Bungie has promised more wins will mean better rewards, as well. Brother Vance won’t be completely irrelevant, though, he will offer new bounties specific to Trials of Osiris.
Destiny Trials of Osiris Gear

Also new, Trials Passages will have a Details page that shows any active buffs, which can now only be purchased and applied before starting a new Passage. No more returning to Brother Vance to add buffs part way through a Trials Passage.
As for what isn’t changing, Passage Coins will continue to drop for losing teams and a Flawless 9-0 run will still grant players a trip to the Lighthouse for exclusive rewards. Also worth noting, Bungie recommends those who venture into Trials of Osiris have a minimum Light level of 290.
No doubt the Destiny community is excited for the return of Trials of Osiris, and with the new weapon balancing introduced with Patch 2.0 right before The Taken King, players will be hunting for the perfect combination of weapons to take into the competitive mode.
Will you be playing Trials of Osiris when it returns to Destiny? Which changes are you most looking forward to?
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