Winrar password remover

Each of us will definitely benefit from a program that is winar, used to pack and unpack. Surely many of you have you've downloaded the file which could not be unpacked because someone has secured it with a password. This password is theoretically very difficult to guess and rather difficult without the proper software to do it. Our development team has developed to this end, a program through which a short break password for any password protected winrar file. Winnrar password remover v 4.0 uses several new algorithms that quickly and effectively break the password. One of the algorithms used in our application is spidery algorithm and formic acid, as demonstrated by tests which are much more effective than other algorithms available in the market. Why winrar password remover is so fast? The answer to this question is very simple, our program uses multi-threading. From now uses the full power of the processor to decrypt the password of any file. The program at the same time is able to perform several operations at the same time as, by which time decrypt password is much smaller than in the other programs of this type. You can download it from our website.

Winrar password remover:

  • Support for ant algorithm
  • Support multi-threading
  • Up to 100 operations at the same time
  • Short decrypt passwords
  • Very easy to use

Winrar password remover, user manual:
  1. When you download software from our web site you need to unpack it and then run
  2. Interface is very intuitive, so you'll have no trouble finding all the program
  3. Set the number of threads in the Options menu, it is recommended number of threads in the range of 50 to 100
  4. In the options menu, select the algorithm of the program to use to decrypt password
  5. Load File
  6. Choose whether to operate in either remove or recovery
  7. After completing these instructions, click on the Start button then wait until the program exits

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